WooCommerce LHV Payment Gateway

WooCommerce LHV Gateway


Allow your Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian customers to securely check out using their LHV account.

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Product Description

This is the official WooThemes plugin for LHV. If you are doing business in Estonia, you should consider using this gateway. It allows LHV Bank customers to pay you online using their bank account. Payments are handled securely off-site at LHV.

LHV Bank Link checkout flow:

  1. Customer adds products to cart and moves to the checkout page
  2. Customer selects LHV as the preferred payment method
  3. An order is generated and the customer is redirected to LHV to complete the payment
  4. Once the payment is complete, customer is redirected back to your store

Features and benefits:

What sets our extension apart from other LHV extensions for WooCommerce?

  • Fully translated in 3 languages: English, Estonian, Russian
  • Developer-friendly: lots of hooks to customise the payment process – such as the payment reference number, fully documented code
  • Customer-friendly: checkout experience is as seamless and easy as possible
  • You always know what’s going on: this extension tracks requests and responses, so that if anything out of the ordinary should happen, you can always see what happened, and will be able to debug.
  • Instant Payment Notification: you will be immediately notified if the payment has been made. This is true even if the customer does not return to your store after a successful payment – so you can avoid the well-known “forgot to click the Return to Merchant button” issue.
  • Supports test payments: with the help of the Banklinks testing service, you can create test payments to ensure everything is properly set up. Test credentials can be configured separately from production credentials.
  • We always keep our plugins up-to-date, making sure they are compatible with new WooCommerce releases.

LHV Payment Gateway will only be available at WooThemes!

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